Managed Security

We offer a managed security package for only $5.00 per month!

It includes the following full featured services.

  • Award-Winning Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Anti-Virus Software – Emsisoft Anti-Malware not only detects more because it uses the full power of two major antivirus- and anti-malware technologies, it
  •  also scans quicker because of the efficient combination of the scanners.
  • Windows Updates – We make sure your Windows OS is kept up to date to keep you protected.
  • Application Updates – We keep common applications updated with new versions and security updates, ie Chrome, Adobe Reader, etc. This prevents hackers from using known exploits to access your data.
  • Optimizations – We run periodic automation to optimize your system to keep it running at peak performance.
  • Remediation – Our system will detect issues and automatically respond, ie we detect your hard drive is fragmented, we will automatically run a defrag in the background or if we detect that your hard drive is failing, our system will create a ticket to notify you there is an issue in order to be proactive and prevent data loss.