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Set your voicemail via Web Client / Windows Desktop App

  • Go to “Avatar > Your Name > Greetings”.
  • Record a new greeting or upload a pre-recorded message.
  • You can have different greetings per status.

Set your voicemail greeting via Deskphone

  • Dial the voicemail number indicated in your user account email.
  • Enter your PIN and then press “#”.
  • Select option “9” then “8” and then “0” to record.
  • Press “#” to end the recording and “0” to save.

Listen to your voicemail messages

  • From smartphone: Tap on “Voicemail”.
  • From Web Client / Desktop App: Click “” > “Voicemail”.
  • From Deskphone: Dial your voicemail number or hit “Voicemail / Message”, enter PIN, press “#” and then “*” to play messages.
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