Bitwarden Access

Password managers like Bitwarden make it easy to store and access unique and secure passwords across all of your devices, keeping your online accounts safer than ever! Using Bitwarden, you won’t need to dangerously repeat simple passwords or leave them exposed in unencrypted formats like spreadsheets, documents, or sticky notes.

As such, starting today we are providing access to our local, secure Bitwarden server at no extra charge for all of our clients.

If you are not familiar with Bitwarden, please read our page about it here. In today’s world, a password manager is not an option anymore, it is a MUST!

We recommend using a highly secure password as this is the only password you will need to remember. It is important to remember this password as it cannot be recovered if forgotten. Experts even say it is still secure to write it down as long as you keep the written password in a safe location.

Syncd Technologies recommends to never use the same password twice for any online site or service, because there are automated bots trying to access your information. They also have access to data from past breaches. If your email and password was ever in a site that was breached, they will have your email and password and try to login on multiple different online services.

As a bonus, once you are logged in to our service, you can use our Data Breach Report to find out if your email has ever been breached. In addition, you can run tests on your data for exposed, weak, or reused passwords to better help you keep your information secure.

To get started, submit a request here.

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