How Microsoft Office 365 Can Benefit Your Business

Office 365 – since the past few years, you have probably been hearing the name quite often. Your employees are talking about it; some use it personally, while others have brought it up in meetings. Feel like your employers are trying to tell you something?

Well, chances are, yes, they are asking you to switch to Microsoft Office 365. Why? Because it’s efficient, easy to use and it is the way of the future. According to the EMRA Cloud report, Office 365 is way ahead of other productivity suites in terms of the user base. Wondering why so many business owners are shifting to Microsoft Office? Here are seven reasons why-


As a manager, how frequently do you have to go on a business trip every month? Quite often, right? Dealing with overseas clients, attending conferences, or holding a meeting for a potential merger, a globalized business requires you to stay connected with your work even while you are traveling.

What better way to do this than having a cloud storage facility? Microsoft Office 365 lets you access your files from anywhere around the globe. All you need is an internet connection, and you can prepare your presentation or status report while waiting for your next flight.


A smooth line of communication ensures enhanced productivity. It also significantly decreases the chances of unwanted errors. At the office, it is easier to convey your idea by talking directly. Unfortunately, Covid has robbed us of that opportunity.

However, businesses are adapting to the new normal by embracing virtual work. With Microsoft Office at your disposal, you can hold a conference call with your clients via Skype. Similarly, Teams allows you to edit your files and receive feedback in real-time. Even while working from home, you can stay assured of an unhinged line of communication.


Security from cyberattacks is the prime concern of CEOs and business owners, and understandably so. With Ransomware marauding the cyberworld, anyone would be wary of migrating to cloud space.

But, Microsoft, a pioneer in the IT industry, offers a robust security system that takes care of everything. They run periodical checks for malware and swiftly thwart any attempt of unauthenticated third-party access.

Familiar tools

The advantage of choosing Office 365 is its utility and familiarity. Everyone has used MS Word, Excel, and Outlook for their projects! Office 365 packs the latest version of these programs inside their productivity suite.

Furthermore, the newer tools like Teams, SharePoint are easier to use. So, you won’t need to hire a technical expert to train your employees. As a result, you are getting increased productivity without additional cost.


Updating not only accelerates the speed but also gives greater security. On MS office 365, you will receive an automatic update. You don’t need to worry about manually checking for updates every week. Moreover, under Office 365 license agreement, you don’t need to incur any extra charge to receive the updates.

The last few years have seen exponential growth in the user base of productivity suites. With virtual working in full force, it is only natural this trend will continue to persist. In this competitive world of business, adaptability is a decisive factor in your business’s success. With Office 365, you are assured of top-notch service and superior productivity to become a cut above.

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