Update 4: New ‘Receptionist’ View

Update 4 adds a new ‘Receptionist’ view in the Web Client for easy access to team status. We’ve also revamped live chat functions, making it much faster and more compact. Plus check out our improvements to audio quality in the 3CX Apps.

Receptionist Operator Panel View

Users assigned a ‘Receptionist’ role, can now view extensions listed under their respective groups. It saves time, allowing the receptionist to quickly see who is available within each group/department, before transferring calls. The ‘Receptionist’ view is accessible from ‘Panel’ in the Web Client.

We’ve also added quick actions to the Receptionist, User, and Manager roles. Right-clicking on an extension now displays actions like call, chat, email and video conference.

Better app audio quality

We’ve made changes to the way the inbuilt tunnel deals with RTP packets. The tunnel service now prioritizes RTP streams for 3CX mobile apps, drastically improving audio quality.

Option for users to set their own schedules

Users now have the option to set up their own schedules. By navigating to “Settings > Status > Status Scheduler” a user can specify their availability by either adopting the generic company office hours or by setting their own individual office and break hours.

With Update 5 it will also be possible for group managers to configure their office department status. Managers will be assigned an ‘Office Settings’ link accessible from the Web Client, to manage other users. Admins too, as managers of a default group, will be able to handle the status scheduler options for all users and override the office hours.

Schedule your updates monthly

Automatic updates to your 3CX instance can now be set to run monthly in addition to the existing daily and weekly options. Once enabled, the first ‘check’ for updates will run on the next selected day (e.g Enabled on Friday, the system will check for & run available updates on Sunday). Following this, the update process will run on the first selected day of each month.

Better Live Chat – Faster, smaller in size

Users of dedicated instances of 3CX (Standard, PRO and Enterprise) can now take advantage of some of the live chat improvements available with StartUP. Faster website loading time, simplified WordPress website configuration with more chat bubble configuration options coming in Update 6.

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